***** Poker

At 14 I had heard of playing poker but I didn't know the game. I was staying with a friend in another city for a couple days, and two of his friends came over, just dropped in. When they found that I was there, they were interested in staying. We chatted for awhile and somehow we got onto subject of playing cards.

My buddy said he liked playing ***** poker, and while I didn't know how to play cards, I did like the idea of playing ***** with the girls. Everyone agreed laughingly, not expecting to really ***** anything.

After a couple of hands (where I didn't lose only because they told me how the cards were) .. the girls had removed bracelets and so on. My friend had removed one shoe. And I had taken my watch off.

A few more rounds and all of us were down to our underwear. I could tell by everyone's actions that no one planned on removing anything else. But when I lost the next hand, all three of them were teasing me, daring me to drop my briefs. They could already see the bulge from my har d on. I was shy. I had not intended to get naked. It was embarrassing to have them keep teasing me.

Within minutes the boy i was staying with was behind me, holding my arms back and a girl on either side pulling down my briefs. They kept holding me that way while I was totally naked except for my briefs which were hanging on one ankle.

I was so embarrassed I couldn't stand it. I didn't konw the fun of being naked with others at that time.
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I bet the girls liked that and what rthey saw. Had you had pubic hair down there at that age and how big did it get. Any of the others ***** down naked and did the other guys have bulges in their underpants?