Naked In Front Of My Mom's Friends

Around the time I was 13, my sister, Allie, who was 16, had discovered that she found it very fun to humiliate me. My parents had started spanking me three years ago at that point and ever since then, Allie embarrassed me almost every chance she got. Sometimes, it was as making a brief comment when nobody else was around, but other times it was much more humiliating.

One of the most humiliating incidents occurred when my mom was having dinner with a group of her friends in the backyard. This group includes Susan, Jennifer, Angela, and Zooey, who were all very attractive ladies in their 30s and 40s. They were all seated at a large glass table on the patio as they gossiped and ate their meals. During this, I was taking a shower. When I turned off the water and stepped out, my bathrobe and clothes were gone. All that was left was a single towel, so I realized immediately that my sister had done this. I walked out of the bathroom and saw my sister there, standing and waiting for me. "Hey there, little brother," she said with an evil grin on her face. She told me that she needed help with something in the kitchen downstairs. I asked her to give me back my robe and clothes, but she claimed to have no idea what I was talking about. She just insisted that I help her with something her downstairs, so I reluctantly agreed.

When we arrived in the kitchen, my sister began talking and stalling as she tried to come up with some bullshit reason why she needed my help. As she spoke, I looked out the window and saw my mom and her friends talking. The kitchen was right next to the back patio, so I had a feeling that my sister might be planning something, but I ignored that suspicion. Finally, she ended up saying, "Well, actually mom needs your help, she sent me to go get you." I told her that I wouldn't go out there with just a towel on, but she said mom needed help now. I rolled my eyes and followed her to the back door. She opened it and pushed me outside, which caused the ladies to turn and look. Susan and Jennifer giggled a little bit, but my mom asked, "What are you doing out here, honey?" I whispered for my sister to let me back in, but she just giggled. Then she grabbed my towel and slammed the door shut. She locked it before I could get in. The women all burst out laughing immediately and started making comments.

"Nice ***," said Jennifer. "Oh, you're so bad, Jen," said Susan as she laughed even more. I didn't know what to do. I was too afraid to turn around, since I was developing an erection, but my sister wasn't going to let me back in. I covered myself the best I could and turned around to face the laughing women. My mom, who was laughing as much as the others said, "Oh, honey, we've seen everything you've got down there, No need to cover!" I said nothing, but the last thing I wanted to do was move my hands. My face got red as my mom insisted that I move my hands or she would spank me in front of her friends. Her friends laughed at this and Jennifer said, "You best do as she says, darling. Besides, we've seen a penis before, don't be embarrassed." I sighed and realized that the only option here was to move my hands. As soon as I did, they began laughing even harder and pointing at me. "Well, we've all seen a penis, but not one that small," said Jennifer. I blushed and covered up again. "Uh uh, no covering, or I'll spank you myself," said Jennifer again. "But you'll make fun of me again," I said. They all laughed some more and said nothing, but I wouldn't move my hands. "Well Jen, it seems like he's not going to move those hands," said Zooey. Jennifer got up and walked over to me, so I quickly moved my hands again. Jennifer still spanked me ten times, which caused me to get an erection. The women laughed and Angela said, "I guess he likes a good spanking!" They giggled and my mom said, "Yes, he always gets an erection when I spanked him!"

My sister returned twenty minutes later and let me back in. She had seen everything from the window and figured that I'd had enough humiliation for one day. I quickly went to my room and got dressed. I locked the door and stayed in my room for several hours. My mom's friends made fun of me for years after that, but they eventually stopped when the jokes got old.
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Ouch..what country are you from? Had you started getting pubic hair down there at that time?

Your a ****** Pervert...You dream too much....never happened homo

Oh my gosh that is sooo exciting! I would love all my moms friends to see me naked like that especially if they were sexy! My mom has seen me naked several times and on one occasion I had a full on conversation with one of my friends mothers for like 45 minutes...all while completely nude! At one point in the beginning of our chat we were sitting side by side on the bed and we both forgot I was naked! I later went to the kitchen to get us some wine! When I returned I sqatted down in front of her with my legs open so she could have a good look at everything! It was sooo much fun I enjoyed every second of showing off my naked body to her hahaha!!!

That is my fantasy as well. I would love to be naked and serving drinks and snacks to my mother and her friends. I would let each of them feel and play with my **** until I climax in front of them. Sooo sexy...

Did they ever bring their daughters along with them and humiliate you?

No, that never happened. Well, not all at once. On a couple occasions, daughters were brought, but never all of them.

very humiliating and embrassing.............


Wonderful, wonderful story!


This story turn me on.

It kinda turns me on when I remember it nowadays. Haha