******** Naked By Classmates

During my youth, I lived in a very rural area. There were hardly any kids near where I lived, but the house nearest me was one of my female classmates. At this time, we both had a crush on each other, but were too shy to own up to it. At this point, there was just a lot of playful flirting going on. She had three older sisters and they would often tease us about our "little crush." Since they were the only neighbors for miles, I would spent almost all my free time at their home.
One summer morning, I went to their house bright and early as I often did. Brenda, (my crush) was taking a shower, and I sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee with her other sisters. While we were drinking coffee, Brenda came out of the shower in nothing but a towel to retrieve a cup of coffee. It wasn't unusual for any of the girls to walk around in a towel in front of me. With the other sisters, I would sometimes just get a brief glance at them when they left the bathroom in a towel headed towards their bedroom. I was there so often, it was almost impossible to avoid. But, I always suspected that Brenda was doing this just to tease me a little. She almost went out of her way sometimes to make sure I got a good look at her in a towel. Anyway, as she was heading towards the coffee pot, suddenly one of her older sisters jumped up from the table and ******** Brenda of her towel. Not only did she ***** her of her towel, she grabbed her from behind and was holding her on display for me to see! I couldn't have been any more excited! I was seeing my crush naked from head to toe. And she looked even more delicious than I could have ever imagined. She had an athletic physique, perfect little perky breasts, and just a trace of red pubic hair. Of course, Brenda was desperate to break free of her sister, but by this point, even one of the other sisters joined in and helped restrain her. They were determined to give me a good show. The sisters were laughing and having a good time, but you could tell Brenda was completely humiliated and was desperate to break free. After giving me a good show of my crush naked, they eventually let her go, and she retreated to her bedroom.
Brenda stayed pissed at me for the rest of that day! I insisted that I had nothing to do with the incident, but she told me that I never should have even looked. Oh yeah, like I was going to turn my head! She eventually got over it, and things went back to normal.
A few weeks went by, and I went over to her house for my typical morning visit. I knew that Brenda had a slumber party just the night before, and I was hoping to see Brenda and the other three classmates still lounging around in pajamas. Just as I had hoped, all the girls and Brenda's three sisters were all lounging around in the living room in various skimpy outfits or pajamas. Ha, it was great to see my other classmates scantily clad as well. I had just walked into their living room and was trying to find the best place to sit and enjoy the view, when all of the girls suddenly rushed at me. The oldest three sisters grabbed me from behind, and before I hardly had a chance to grasp what was going on, Brenda peeled my shorts and underwear right off of me. I wasn't wearing a shirt because of our brutal summers, and they had me completely naked in a matter of seconds. One of the classmates even grabbed my shorts and underwear and ran across the house to hide them. I couldn't have been more embarrassed! I was standing there butt naked in front of seven girls, including four classmates! The girls were laughing hysterically at what they had accomplished. I could feel the blood rushing to my face as I had never been more humiliated in my life. (At this stage in my life, I had a few sexual encounters, but most of those took place in the back seat of a dark car. I certainly wasn't prepared to be naked in front of seven girls, and especially four of my classmates.)
I remember begging them to let me go, but I can still remember Brenda just standing there with a delighted grin on her face, and saying, "Oh no, you got to see me naked, we're going to see you naked!"
Probably only a minute had passed, and despite how embarrassed I was, my **** went from flaccid to standing straight up! The girls all loved this. I can remember how Brenda and the other classmates just stood in front of me like spectators watching my **** slowly rise straight up. They giggled and cheered at this spectacle. I continued to beg for my clothes, and Linda told me that I would get my clothes back when she felt I deserved them. She then led me by the hand to the couch and had me sit down. She and the other classmates sat down on opposite sides of me. Naturally, the first thing I tried to do was cover up as soon as her sisters released me. Brenda told me if I tried to cover up, they would only keep me there longer. If I ever wanted my clothes back, I couldn't cover up. So we all sat back down and I had to endure all eyes on me for the next few minutes.
After what seemed like an eternity, (but was only about ten minutes) we heard a car pulling into the driveway. It was one of the mothers unexpectedly coming to pick up one of the girls. The classmate that had hidden my shorts quickly ran to get them. I quickly got dressed just as she reached the door. If not for her Mother, no telling how long they would have kept me naked. Brenda had already joked that she might keep me naked all day. Later that morning Brenda reminded me of how sweet payback can be!
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If that happens to me i would just chill and let them take a look of my awesome ****

lol, cute story.

Ha! Reminds me of a similar event in my late teens. I had a few drinks, passed out and awoke to find myself naked and tied up with my sister and a number of her girl friends giggling at me, fondling my genitals and writing their names across my body with texta pens. The texta pen was inserted into my arse between each signing. The resultant photos haunted me for years and I suspect that my sister still has some photos!

lol nice

wish i was that lucky

What a great story. The perils of youth!