Naked In Front Of Aunt And Cousin

When I was younger I spent a weekend with my aunt Ginny; her son, Jim a couple of years younger than me; and daughter, Betty who was about 4 years younger than me. I alway considered Ginny to be the sexy aunt. She dressed more provocatively and simply exuded sexuality.

In the evening Jim had to go to a Scout meeting and left me with aunt Ginny and Betty. After a sweaty day I more than needed a shower. Their shower was in the basement and had been put up by Ginny's ex-husband. It was nothing more than a showerhead with hot and cold water faucets. The water simply went into a floor drain. The important point is that there was no shower stall or even a curtain.

Betty's room was also in the basement where she was listening to music. Ginny told me to just tell Betty I was going to shower and she would stay in her room. I knocked and entered her room. I told Betty I was about to take a shower but put a little twist on it. Teasingly I told her not to come and take a peek, then accused her of being ornery enough to do it. I told her she was so naughty that I might have to shower with my clothes on. My attitude was intended to make her think it would be fun to peek at me in the shower. When I thought I had the job done I hurried to the shower and undressed completely.

In the shower I kept an eye out to see if Betty would take the bait and come peek at me. Finally I saw a little light come from the other room and knew she had opened her door. My heart was pounding. I was standing there totally nude and a girl was about to see me.

Soon I saw her peek around the corner. I ignored it, but made sure she had a good view. The second time she peeked I called out her name loudly. This scared her and she ran back to her room. It also brought aunt Ginny running downstairs to see what was going on.

When Ginny saw that Betty had been watching me in the shower, she called Betty back out of her room. Now I'm standing naked in front of both girls with my hands over my privates as aunt Ginny is scolding Betty. Eventually, Betty was sent back to her room. Ginny apologized over and over, as I let my hands drop to my sides. There was no doubt aunt Ginny was getting an eye full as I was starting to get a little hard.

Aunt Ginny went back upstairs and that was the end of it other then me ************ twice that evening. Since that time I have had many fantasies about what could have happened. My favorite is aunt Ginny trying to make it right by undressing herself. When she sees me getting hard and asks if I want her to take care of it - which of course I do. She then gives me a phenomenal blow job.
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Do you think Ginny and your cousin Betty saw all of you and had you started puberty and had pubic hair down there by that time. Did you have your hands covering everything or did you leave it out in the open while she was being scolded?