My most embaressing moment was when I had to go to the hospital for a medical, my mum was with me, and as we went into a large room, I noticed that there was other mum's with their daughters and only 2 other boys, some nurses came in, and gave us a basket each, and we were told to undress to our vests and pants, mum made me stand and face her, as she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off,then she pulled the zip down on my jeans and undid the button and pulled my jeans down, I looked around, and saw a mum undo a girls dress and slip it off her shoulders, she had a white vest on, and a pair of pink knickers, some other girls had flowered knickers on, we all sat on a long bench, and waited, a
lady doctor came in and we all had to line up, we were weighed and then measured, then the doctor looked under our arms, but then worst was to come, the doctor pulled our panties down and looked down there, I was so scared and was going red and I got aroused, everyone saw it, I couldn't wait to get dressed and get out, once at home, mum said it was natural for a boy to get aroused, when he see's girls undies and fanny and told me not to worry.
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I was at home nude looking at ****. My computer is by the front door.
My 15 year old granddaughter walks in unexpectedly from school. She sees me full frontal nude with a hard on! I quickly move around the counter to the kitchen as she says I m sorry and goes to her room!
I was not expecting her because She was supposed to wait for my wife at the school so that they could go straight to town for a doctors appointment! :)

Totally natural and really the medical professionals dont even pay any attention anyway! Ive had my share of medical poking and prodding too.
Actually, Im delighted when a female medic does it!