Bathing With Friends And Cousins: Not Embarassing, But Educational!

As a young boy growing up I occasionally bathed with others.  My sister was four years younger than me and when we were very young our mother would give us baths together, but that stopped after I turned 6 and began to be embarrassed by it and insisted on bathing alone. We were the only two children in our family so from that time on I took baths by myself except for when I was visiting or had as visitors male friends and cousins of about my own age.  If a friend and I were spending the night together then my mother or his mother would put us both  in the tub to save time.  There was nothing really embarrassing about it when I was very young but after I turned 6 or so I didn’t like it if the friend’s mom stayed in the room to wash her son or came in to check on us, but since the friends I did this with were about my age and must have felt the same way about it I don’t recall our mothers doing it unless we were having too much fun playing in the water and they wanted to get us cleaned up and to bed.  I don’t recall being interested in the other guy’s body or his being interested in mine though of course we both saw everything we had.

On my mother’s side I have two male cousins, one four years older than me, the other four years younger.  They lived in different states from me so we didn’t see each other all that often except for visits during summer vacation and at Christmas.  The age gap between us was large enough so that I tended to look up to my older cousin and my younger cousin looked up to me as a mentor.  Our mothers were sisters and naturally they tended to wash their sons together to save time.  I only recall one time when all three of us were together at the same time, when we were 10, 6, and 2.  The younger cousin was too young to wash on his own but the older one and I washed together every night.  I don’t remember much about those baths except that we took them.  The next summer we visited again and this time I was surprised to see he had some pubic hair.  I had seen my father naked and knew that adults were hairy but I didn’t think boys as young as eleven would yet.  Anyway it didn’t make much difference and we still bathed without thinking much about it beyond the fact that the tub was getting a little more crowded.  Also by that time my younger cousin was able to bathe on his own and so when he visited he was put in the tub with me.

It was a couple of years before my older cousin and I were together on a family visit, and by that time he was 13 and I was 9, nearly 10.  Shortly before the visit began I noticed the first small pubic hairs growing around my penis and it shocked me a little, but also pleased me.  Of course like all boys I had experienced erections as far back as I could remember, but now they became more common and more enjoyable to touch.  My mother saw one of them once but all she said was “Don’t touch it when its like that.” My father had given me a bare bones version of The Talk which left me pretty confused, and friends and guys at school had imparted a lot of information, most of it wrong, that was also confusing.  So I was looking forward to seeing my cousin again but also a little nervous about whether we’d be expected to take baths together again.  I wanted to in a way but was also apprehensive about what he’d look like down there and whether he would comment on my pubic hair. 

It was fun when my cousin and his parents and older sister arrived and we played together quite a bit that afternoon.  His mother and mine were sisters and they enjoyed catching up with each other, so that evening after dinner they told us “Boys, go ahead and take your bath now.” My cousin, whose voice was breaking, protested that he didn’t want to just yet, to let me go first, but his mother said “No, go ahead and take it with him.” So we went into the room we were to share, which had a bathroom opening off it, and ******** down and stood waiting while the water ran into the tub.  By now he was well into puberty and his genitals looked enormous to me, with a full bush of hair.  I noticed him looking down at me and my few hairs, but he didn’t say anything.  We got into the tub and sat facing each other and washed ourselves, talking about anything and everything except our bodies.  His legs were hairy now and we had to scrunch up pretty tightly to have room for both of us. 

Despite everything I did to keep my mind off my penis, the close quarters and our shared nudity made me start to swell and get hard.  My cousin saw it and while he didn’t say anything his penis started to elongate as well.  We finished bathing and got out of the tub and toweled off, by this time both of us standing to attention.  We started giggling quietly, not wanting our mothers to hear us carrying on and come bursting in to see what was happening.  My cousin said “Look at this,” and he stroked his penis out from his body, making it grow even harder and shinier.  The sight made my penis react too and I touched it, getting a bolt of pleasure that made me shiver.  We both grinned and he stroked his rod a couple of times. By now we were dry and we quickly left the bathroom and dressed in our pajamas, losing our erections as we did so.  That night in the bed we shared he had me watch while he stroked himself a couple of times, but he didn’t go all the way.  Maybe he hadn’t reached that stage yet.  But it was an education for me and one I put to good use a couple of years later when I started to ********** regularly. The rest of his visit with us we continued to bathe together and we always finished up with a few strokes to our penises.  He never touched mine and I never touched his, it was just the enjoyment of feeling our own that we liked. 

That was the last summer that my older cousin and I bathed together because when we visited his family the next year he was 14 and I was nearly 11 and it was obvious that there wouldn’t be room for both of us in the tub.  We were both old enough and developed enough by then that both of us preferred privacy in the tub, anyway.  My younger cousin and I continued to bathe together for a couple more years until I was 13 and, like my older cousin, well into puberty.  He was only 9 and showing no signs of development but he was curious about my pubic hair and growing genitals, so one night during our bath I did the same thing for him that our older cousin had done for me and stroked myself out.  He copied me with his own and of course got a lot of enjoyment out of it.  After that we bathed alone. I probably stopped bathing with friends when we spent the night with each other at about age 10 or so, at least I don’t remember any after that, and I certainly don’t remember giving or receiving any “tutorials” with them.  It was just a family thing.

All three of us are in our fifties now and we see each other infrequently though we talk and email regularly.  We haven’t been together in the same place for nearly twenty five years, as a matter of fact.  We’ve never discussed those baths and I don’t know if they remember them, though they probably do. It was just part of growing up and we were spaced just enough to be good mentors for each other in that area.  I have four more male cousins my age or a little older or younger on my father’s side, but they all lived close enough to me that all our visits were day ones, with no spending the nights and no shared baths.  I’m friendly with them but not as close as with my two maternal cousins.  Those baths and what went with them were a bonding experience I’m glad we had.

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I shared many baths when growing up during sleeps overs. Sometimes my house, sometimes one of my friends house but either way but either way we would be in the bath at the same time until we were ten or eleven. Either of our parents would generally come in to the bathroom to check us or even help us. It was no big deal.

While your cousin was age 13 and you and him were bathing together did his mom or your mom ever come into the bathroom and see both of you naked at any time during the visits there. Were there ever any spankings given to you or your couisns during the visits? What age were you the last time your aunt or your mom saw you naked in the front?

I don't remember either mom coming into the bathroom during that visit but that was because we didn't make any noise. I'm sure we all got spankings during the visits but they would have been when we were dressed. I don't think my mother ever saw me naked after I was about ten and my aunts wouldn't have after I was about 6 or so. When my cousins and I were bathing together we knew if we made too much noise or took too long our mothers were likely to investigate and that would have been embarrassing, so we were quiet. Like I said in the story, you can learn a lot about how a penis works without being noisy, though.

I think young boys and girls should bath together in early years. it gives them basic sex education.

Seems to be the norm for shared baths. My mom had a good friend who had a family the same age as ours. Their son was 9 months younger than me, and we were buddies for many years. Both of our families moved to Florida and shared a 4 br house for 3 years. The boy my age and I took baths together and both moms would dress us together when we were little. Mom's friend was like an aunt, and I was used to her seeing me naked, bathing me, dressing me, etc.. As we got older (11 or 12) we were too big to fit into the bathtub together. The older brother was 3 years older than me and 4 years older than his brother. He taught both of us about ************ when he was 12, but we were to liitle to understand the appeal.