The Bathroom's Mat

This happened few months ago, at my dorm. I live in mixed dorm of the university, so it's quite common to see boys and girls in the same room, studying or doing other stuffs.
That day I was at the dorm's gym while my bestfriend called me he's coming to seek some help with an assignment. I told him to find me at the gym to take my room's key. After getting the key, he went upstairs to wait. About 15 minutes later I returned to my room to take a bath before finishing the assignment. I got into the bathroom, put off my clothes and underwear, then walked to the shower. I just realized that the heater wasn't working, perhaps the switch hadn't been turned on yet. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my naked body, then walked out of the bathroom to switch it on. When I was about to reach the switch, I slipped on the bathroom's mat and fell to the floor. Seeing me naked, slipping on the half-wet mat, my bestfriend laughed and reached out his hand to help me up. "That was really funny," he said, "I don't know whether to laugh at you or re-wrap you with the towel."
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I hope he decided to re-wrap you!

BTW: did the two of you become closer after this incident?

we've been close friends long before this happened. we're still close now, but not sure if we're getting closer than ever..