Kids Are Naughty!!

It was a bright sunny day. I was in the market doing some grocery shopping...To enjoy the warmth of the season I wore a light satin top with strings at the back. I saw my neighbor's wife at the same place. She was holding her 14 months baby. He is cute.
She asked me to hold her baby for a while. Well for something he wasnt comfortable and kept on rotating around. So I decided to return him back. And off he went pulling my top in his small hands!!! Around 60 topless seconds in a market place!!!!
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Love it......

And you enjoyed the feeling of being completely exposed through no fault of your own... it was the baby after all. Bet you were smiling the whole time as those around soaked up your nudity... ;)

Many guys would like to see u i guess...... topless..... probably I would ....

Now that is a great excuse to be topless in public. :)

That's hot!

wish i was there!!

I hope you buy the kid a toy for allowing you to be topless with an excuse so everyone thinks it is an accident

Innocent? I think not! My son gravitated to good looking gurls and his little hands often went straight down blouses. It's in all of our genes...

That gave a lot of guys a big it felt good to you too

How did you feel after you were topless in an open area?

exhillarating ;)

how do u like it?

Wish I could have seen it - add me please

it wld hav been embarrasing.... how was the people response to it? how did they react to you?

lol.. now i'm sure the look that people in the marked gave u must hv been a turn on!

lol cool story u might enoy stay that way haha

why do things like that never happen when I go shopping? You are adorable, I am guessing the men in the store enjoyed :-)

hahah good time

ha ha ha ha ha...good job done my little chap..ha ha

ohh wish i can see them

missed the view...

A cute story, Thanks for sharing.
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A young man always falls for the girl next door.

u not wear bra

He couldn't wait to get his little hands on you, and bury his little face in your exquisite breasts. I understand totally where he is coming from.