Accidental Streaking

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 5 months now, and we feel like we are ready to take to the next level in our relationship, sex if you didn't catch on, but after discussing it we made plans to do it at her house while her parents where suppose to be at dinner,(bare with me this is a long story) after school I went to her straight to her house excited, but a little nervous this is the first time for both of us, I wasn't walking with her, she rode the bus which was a lot faster than my skateboard, but i thought i would surprise her, i went to the local price chopper and got her a couple of flowers, i wanted the moment to be perfect, of course. When i arrived at her house she was the only one there and we where talking like it was a normal day I set down my backpack and board down at the front door, I took the flowers from my pack and presented them to her, but they got pretty crushed in my bag, so i just put on the table by the front door,

When we where in her room we took are time it took about 20 minutes until we where in bed without any clothing, except my protection of course, ready to have do the acts, until we heard the front door open and close we didn't think much of it, i didn't think they would know i was over, she had the kind of father that was... protective, and he didn't like me very much, he started to come up the stairs kinda loudly calling out my girlfriends name. We started to panic, I realized that i left all of my stuff right at the front door, and her dad was strict about her having friends over, he told her quote " You cannot have any friends over without my permission, especially if they have a penis," is was that kind of father. Anyway the only thing going through my mind was to get out of that room, their wasn't any place to hide, so I went straight out of the window, no clothing what so ever, the window faced the front street of the house, I was on the roof and had to slide down to the side so i wouldn't take a 2 story drop,
I heard a gasp and looked over and saw her mother, and she immediately ran inside, I thought i was busted so i made my way down and wondered what to do, but unexpectedly her mother came back out with my skateboard and threw it to me poorly, it made about half the distance between us, She told to "hurry and go" or something in that matter, She was a cool mom and probably thought that her husband would kill me, hell i thought he would too. Anyway I had to run out from my cover and grab my board when i turned my back to her mother still watching me she pointed to my crotch area, i looked down and I was still wearing my condom, and had a hard on, i tore it off through it into the neighbors trash bin.

Instead of using my skateboard as a transportation unit, i used it to cover my front, and started running, My mind was racing trying to figure out where to go, who was closest to me, i figured that my friend steven would be closest to me, so i made my way to his house passing a few cars and some joggers/dog walkers, who all gasped or yelled at me, I even past a group of kids probably 7 or 8, in that range riding there bikes, there mother told her kids to cover there eyes, and yelled at me, I half-heartily apologized to her, and kept on running. I made my way to a somewhat large public parks that had jungle jims and a small soccer field with some bleachers it was designed in a rectangle that was surround by three streets on each side and a residential are on the back side, my friends house was a block away on the residential side, I decided it would be much quicker to just go through the park, I removed my board from my front and tried to cover my face so I wouldn't be recognized and ran diagonal through the field, which was packed, there was a birthday party and a lot of parents, when i came to the field there where what looked like 2nd graders playing a soccer game, and parents in the bleachers, everyone had similar reactions shock, and then yelling or confusion, I thought i was almost done until I saw some of the dads getting up and chasing me! they yelled a lot and I heard one of them say they where a cop, which scared the **** out of me, I could get arrested and life with a name of a perv for the rest of my life, So i made my way to the fence and jumped it in a vault i looked back and some of the dads stopped but a couple where still after me, thank god the front fence to the yard was a tall wooden one, about 5 or 6 feet, which i was able to climb over pretty easily throughing my board over it with me, i knew that the dads would have trouble with that i went across the street and was at my friends house, i pounded on the door for a long time, looking behind me every couple of seconds, when he opened the door a ran inside pushing him and I down and kicked the door closed behind me, he was very confused, I asked I had could have some clothes, he went upstairs and through me a pair of gym shorts and I put them on quickly, I explained everything, I called my girlfriend and she made a story to her father that i just forgot somethings at her house, she must have hid my clothes somewhere, and her mom must have done a lot of convincing to her husband that she was telling the truth she also told me that her mom had some very nice comments about my body which made both of us laugh, i spent the night at my friends house and he took me to my aunts house the next day, I dont think that the fathers that chased me saw my face so after a month or to i started to laugh about it, until I saw this sight, which I thought someone might want to read it.
Emeraldstone1 Emeraldstone1
18-21, M
Dec 1, 2012