My Gf Thought This Was Hilarious!

My GF is really into CFNM with me as the NM! She thinks it's rally funny to trick me out without my clothes and this has led to several embarrassing situations that turn her on and leave me horny and embarrassed!

Last weekend she thought I should stay nude all weekend, so she had me hep her load all my clothes into her van. Then all the sheets, towels, pillowcases--anything that could be used as clothing! I spent the rest of the day serving her nude, then she simply drove home with all my stuff still in her van!

The next day she called to say she was coming over and that when she rang the bell I was to unlock the door then turn kneel with my head on the floor, staring straight down til she came in and gave me permission to rise. If I disobeyed I wasn't getting any clothes back!

As soon as the doorbell rang I scurried to obey. And you can imagine how I felt kneeling there naked when I heard my gay sister's voice! I looked up to see her and her girlfriend laughing heartily at me!

Sis finally quit laughing and told me to go get dressed and I had to tell her I couldn't. Then I had to explain why, all the time kneeling there naked while they just kept laughing harder and harder

Sis said she'd come to borrow my car, but now she thought she'd just take me with it. Her muscular female friend "persuaded" me to go along, and next thing I was chauffeuring them around town--naked! It was totally humiliating when they stopped at a party given by some man-hating friends of theirs and made me serve everyone, mincing about with my male parts squeezed between my legs so as not to upset the man-haters to much--and getting plenty of swats on my naked rump!

Eventually my GF showed up to take me home, but she was laughing so hard I almost wished she'd left me there!
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I like the serving part.

Naked servant sounds great as long as it's no too cold.

Not so good, but still great to be naked in front of clothed people.

What a weekend!