Hot Spring: An Internet Find

This winter me and my girlfriend (her name is Julie) went on a holiday to Japan to have fun togehter. We been dating for half a years but we never had sex because Julie is kind of religious and want to have it after marriage but i still love her. On our vaction in japan was great, there were many many people, the food is wonderful, the hotels were great but there is one thing Julie want to visit the most and is the hot spring? Me and Julie watch some anime stuff and she wanted to try the hot spring so we went there and the water were amazing but it smell like rot eggs (by the way we didn't go to the mix bath one) after that we went hiking in the woods but we kind of got lose ''Sam do you think we are going'' Julie said with a confuse voice ''i think so but my guess is right now we are lost'' i said sounded tried because we have been walking for hours but then i hear something ''what is it Sam'' Julie said ''i think i hear something'' i then walk toward the sound i heard and Julie follower me ''Sam wait up'' Julia said.

But then i stop and i was amazed to find a hot spring in the middle of the wood. Julia saw it and got happy and said ''oh my god a hot spring'' i was confuse to how there is a hot spring in the middle of the woods but then Julie took of all her clothes and went in ''come on Sam the water is great'' I was a little embarassed and said ''no, its okay, I'll be fine." I said still red. I looked over to see that a frown had formed on her face. "Please Sam? I'd really like it if you'd join me." Julie asked me again. I never like seeing Julia sad. "Oh, okay then." I said. Julia's face lit up with a smile. I removed my clothing too before stepping into the hot spring. I sit the opposite side of the spring. Julia swam over to me and my heart began racing. But she didn't do anything but put her head on my shoulder and later we had fun in the water (no sex).

Later we slept in the wood (good thing we brough our sleeping bag). While I was packing I glanced up to see Julia was missing. "Julia?" i called out. "Over here Sam." she answered "I'm in the spring. I wanted to take a bath before we left" "Oh, okay." I said with a sigh of relief. I went back to finish packing our supplies. Then out of the corner of my eyes i spotted the camera. I began to pack it too but paused for a moment. A sly grin formed on my face. Still holding the camera, I crept over to the spring. I stepped on a twig snapping it on my way over. "Sam?" Julia asked out loud. She looked around but didn't see anything. She just brushed the sound off and went back to bathing. "Oh Julia'' she heard a voice say from behind. "Hmm?" she said turning to saw me holding up the camera. "Say cheese!" i said snapping a photo of her all exposed. "Sam, you!" she said face red from embarrassment. I laughed. "There a new memory of us'' Julia splashed water on my face. "Really i think this is better." she said after doing so. We both just started laughing. Julia exited the hot spring and dried herself off. She finished getting dressed while I was dried myself too from being splashed. After everything was done we stood up. We find our way out. Later we found out the hot spring we were in was really someone and we found out because it was on the news and they found a bra there. Let us say Julia face was red for days.
sok17 sok17
22-25, M
Dec 13, 2012