Lost Dog

I was out in the back garden area just messing aroud. When i' am out there i' am always nude. I was moving some lanscape stone when i heard the neighbors daughter. She was yelling for her dog. She was just outside the fence were i was at. I could here she was crying a little in her calling for the dog. I went to the back gate and asked what was wrong. She said Alex got away from her and hes going towards the road. Not giving it a second thought i open the gate and ran toward Alex. I was calling him to come back. He stoped and i was able to walk up to him. Janice ran up to us, while i was holding Alex from running any more. She put his leash back on and then she said Why are you naked? Thats when it hit me i was nude and whuy all the cars going by was blowing there horns and yelling.Well what you do? You just walk back up the yard like its all natural.
61-65, M
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Well done

I'd have told her you were laying out suntanning but thought it was more important to help her out. Now that it was over, you were going to go back and lay down again...whether you did or not.