My Friends Watch My Mom Fully Naked

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My Friends Watch My Mom Fully Naked

Hi, my name is Tamer, I'm 16 years old... Some months ago I faced a very embarrassing moment... I was back at home with my friend and other boy we met in the club (we are all 16 years old)... My father and my sister isn't at home and my mom was showering and she don't know that I'm back, she take her shower and stand (back to us) fully naked fixing some things (I don't know that was happening), that means that anyone pass can watch clearly her whole naked back and butt.   I told my friend to take the other (strange) boy into my room while I went to bring some drinks, I spend about 5 minutes (or more) making the juice then I went back and I saw my friend and the other boy standing as 2 dummies and staring at something, I look there and I saw my mom's back fully naked... I shout, my mom heard me, turned around and saw us... She also shout, she don't know what to do and me also, she used to do some unsuccessful attempts to cover her privates and said: sorry boys, then she came over to greet my friend and the other strange boy and ask him about his name and school and talk to them for a few minutes.   I was feeling shame, my mom standing completely naked talking to my friend and other strange boy and putting her hands on her waist while the boys are looking sexy to her uncovered privates (also it was my first time for me)... They saw (and learned) every inch of my mom's body, top and bottom, front and back, they watched and learned everything (everything): her t-i-t-s, her p-u-s-s-y and her a-s-s... Then she went to her bedroom and we all entered my room... They said only: We are so sorry, the position was disturbing, we don't know what to do and your mother 's body is so hot... I was feeling shame from their erections that they were striving to hide it... They drank the juice and say: goodbye.   Four months later - I met my friend 100 times (we cut the relation with the other boy) - I was with my friend watching some p-o-r-n, he said spontaneity: that girl's butt is so hot like your mom's butt, I looked strangely to him and he said: Sorry Tamer... That means that he still remembers the scene of my mom's naked body... I told him: "please don't talk about that shameful day again!", he said: "sorry", but few days later he started to talk again about it and how my mom's butt is very wonderful, fine and sexy and he will never ever forgot her naked body especially her butt, I let him talk for a long time about that to know what's going on inside his brain then he said: sorry Tamer forgive me the position was exciting.   I wrote that story in some sites in the internet and all the answers were like:   1- Man get over it and be proud that guys think your mom is hot. Life is way to short to worry over the small stuff.   2- it is her house, why should she be embarrassed about being naked, especially if she looks good.   3- The situation was embarrassing but you overreact it. Many families go to nude beaches with many kids, and all generations see each other naked. In the normal life we do not show our naked body for guest boys voluntarily, but this situation happens regularly by chance. We all have naked body under our clothes, everybody knows it, so that is not a drama if you or your friends see a naked mother by chance. In your story everybody behaved naturally except you The boys watched for few moments, that was normal, your mother did not make a drama of it but greeted them, all of them said sorry, only you shouted and feel bad about it till now. Yes, your mother was hot for you 15 yo boys, she knew that, that was an involuntary enlightening 5 minutes. Like a surprize gift. That's all. (You may be proud of that your mother is hot, there is no reason to feel ashamed)   4- I seriously cant see what you are worrying about   5- WOW lol. Sorry but that is slightly amusing. At school and places people always talk about people mums. Its just the common joke these days. U should be proud that you have a hot mum and if they start talking about her then just call them sick because its ur mum lol. Quite embarrasing and funny. Especially her reaction after she saw u all lol.   6- You are way over blowing this. It was no big deal. I saw my friend's mother's t-i-t-t-i-e-s on 2 different occasions, and it was like no big deal! She willingly showed her t-i-t-s and p-u-s-s-y, not you.   7- it's over and not ashamed at all .your mom is a little bit exhibitionist because she knows how she is prety and nice   8- for sure she is very nice because if no she would hide quickly her a-s-s . your mom is not doing some thing wrong believe me but she is a modern person and for her nudity is not a shame at all.   9- a few minutes or more wherever, she is mature and know exactely what she do . she did not make any thing wrong . the nudity is naturel . you and friend is the first time you see a naked women   I don't know what's good and what's bad? What's right and what's wrong!!!   Tamer
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thanks 4everfun for writing, but in your story the boy (just 1 boy) saw just your wife's breasts, for me the more shame and embarrassing that they were 2 (1 friend and 1 stranger) and they saw everything: they watch the naked a-ss for more than 5 mins and for other 5 mins she talked to them with her hands on her waist while the boys staring at my mom's naked breasts and p-ussy...... they watched and learned everything (everything)..... shame for me

i had kind of same experience. but in my case i think my mom enjoyed showing her naked body to me and my freinds.

Hot story, but goodluck for the boys.