Mountain Bike Tale

I was last year, i went out of town to do some mountain bike, i had to leave the car in a hut and then i started riding, it was such a sunny warm day. 

At half the way i hadn't seen any other bike rider so i tought i would be alone all the way because it also was like midday and the usual for mountain bike is riding in the early morning to avoid the sun, so i found myself alone.

 I had never ride the bike naked so i decided it was a great chance to try it. i got totally naked and left my clothes in a tree so in the way back i could pick them up and come back to the car dressed. I rode all the way left and it was time to go back to pick up my clothes, i came to the tree where my clothes were supposed to be and there was nothing... of course someone took them, i tried to look around if maybe i could found my clothes but found nothing, so i had to go back to the car naked.

Thing went worst when in the way i found some photography students, i touhgt they sure took my clothes but i wasn't about to stop and ask them about it so i just passed near them, they looked at me like "what the hell" and i just had to say "hi guys, good afternoon" and keep going. i dont know if they took a pic but i really don't care.  I finally arrived to the car and had to drove naked all the way home. I even had to wait til it got a little dark to came in...

yofo yofo
Feb 15, 2009