Friend's Mother Saw Me Naked...

For some reason I have an invariable bad luck in ending naked in front of other people. This is a very old story actually, it happened when I was 10 or 11 years old I think, my mother at that time was working the night shift (she was getting a divorce so he needed the money) so he decided that instead of paying a babysitter I should stay in the house of my best friend. You see the mother of my friend was very nice lady and friend of my mothers so she decided that was the best for the both of us. Normally after school and late in the afternoon my mom would take me to the other house, she would leave me money and the clothes I needed for the night and the next day. 

Well, after that I don't remember exactly how it happened but you see for some reason I'll always left the bathroom door unlocked, at that time it wasn't a big deal since in my house I always do that (must have been the feeling of the usual routine) I think that's were my friend came up with a pretty nasty joke to play on me or maybe he just came with the plan along what came after. After he finished bathing one night it was turn, so yeah, I went to the the shower and when I was in the shampoo stage I heard my friend enter the bathroom (I didn't lock the door!! What I was thinking!!) and he said to me "my mom ask for some towels! I'm not seeing anything!" By that moment I was screaming to him to get the hell out of there, but beyond that I didn't give him much attention. At least not until I went out of the shower and I realized he have stolen all the towels... all the towels, he just left a little square of a hand towel (maybe to make fun of me). I was a real idiot back then since the best I could have done was to scream to his mother for help and retaliation but when I reached my backpack and found no clothes.. I never thought that the bastard would actually steal all my clothes without  noticing him. At that moment I guess I snaped,  I took the hand's towel and cover myself (the small things you can cover yourself when your a 11 year old boy BTW) and walk out for the bathroom butt naked, wet and $%&# angry. The thing was just when I was going to my friend's bedroom I past the living room where my friend's mother was watching TV, I guess until a naked boy pass down the alley he noticed all the ruckus we were doing. At that moment he yelled something that after nine years I can't tell if it was "Are you insane??!!" or "Nice ***!!", I want to think it was the first and not the second.

But besides that, after the screaming I lost my little hand towel, covering with my hands I run to the bedroom and guess who?? There it was my little friend with all the towels jumping in the bed screaming "I got you! Your naked!!"

Well, there you go, no one told my mother what happened since. When I was chasing (I was trying to get my underwear) my friend, his father came in the bedroom, trying to calm down his wife and the little boy who was running naked through all his house. My friend's mother after that also took it pretty lightly, after the incident he made fun of me about a week or so saying things like "that hand towel look good on you!! You can keep it BTW"... and obviously she grounded her son (juar juar)

Embarrassing, eh?? Actually thinking back now It's a funny story I tell to my friends once in a while. As you can imagine I came up with some things to spice it up a bit, but you can bet that I flashed my birdie to my classmate's mother in some moment in my life.        

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it happened to me as well

i had a few friends mom see me some were pretty embarressing like when i was 13 i was showering i got out and opened the towel drwawer and their was no towels no body was home my friend ran to the store for snacks so i walk otu of the bathroom naked i walk down stairs to the laundry room to look for a towel their was none then i saw a bunch on the clothes line so i walk out the laundry room go to the kitchen where the back door was and there stood my friends mom andhis grandmother i said fast i was looking for a towel his grandmother said id say a hand towel is all you need not much to cover

That is so funny so apparently you didnt have time to cover up with your hands. Had you started puberty and was that the only time his mom and grandmother saw you naked? Had mom saw you naked at that age also?

Thanks!! XD