My First Suppository

My most embarrassing story happened one week after my eighteenth birthday. My dad took me on a cruise to celebrate. He and my mom split up when I was little but they remained very civil to each other. He moved to Texas when I was only seven, but he always took care of us financially even though I never saw much of him. He paid for separate cabins so I would have privacy. I was really excited how "adult" I was. On the flight to Mexico to meet the ship, I was feeling kind of nauseous. I figured it was just nerves or something I ate. By the time we left port, I was really messed up. Motion sickness, food poisoning, maybe both. I went to my cabin and got sick. I mean REALLY sick. I threw up several times including on my blouse. My dad knocked on the door to check on me and immediately called the ship's doctor to get me what we both expected to be Dramamine pills. He was so sweet and cleaned up my mess. I was feeling so awful that I didn't even care that he saw me change my top. I was more embarrassed about the puke than him seeing my breast for all of 5 seconds. A Cuban doctor arrived after about 30 minutes and he looked to be not much older than me! After the usual stuff, he began to put on latex gloves and told me to turn oven and lower my panties because he was going to give me a suppository! I WAS HORRIFIED. My dad said he would step out of the room and the doctor said that he had to remain because of ship's policy. How could things get worse? I began to cry. I lowered my panties and he applied a small dollop of KY lubricant to my bottom. He told me to relax (what a joke) and inserted the suppository and his finger deep into my anus and held it their! It hurt so bad. He then said that my dad should give me one every four hours until I felt better. Oh my God!   

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did yr dad do like the doctor said?

when i go to doctor for check up , he gave me suppository , it is embarrassing me and i feel humiliating , i think my doctor want to see my anus with deep fingering , ....

some one come play with me

if i was that

Love the story

thats a great story, funny, oddly sexy. I would love to have you give me a suppository...

ohhh its very embressing. let ur dad see you old ate you? you are teenage.why you insert iy to yourself

ohhh its very embressing. let ur dad see you old ate you? you are teenage.why you insert iy to yourself

how lucky was your dad!!!

Seems rather strange, couldn't you have inserted the suppository yourself?

gentle....normally it cant be done by self.... That's what I think

Great story

Lordy! I wonder how your father felt!?

Wow. i can't imagine a more embarassing experience.


Three times! The first time I was still feeling pretty bad, but after a few hours it was surreal and a little kinky. My hubby says it's why I like other things ;) in there sometimes now that I'm older.

quite fascinating stuff. It happens sometimes. I have been given suppositories by my mom when i was 16-17...I mean fully grown up boy...its embarrasing although

Nice hubby