Nude In Hospital.

I no longer mind being seen naked usually but one exception was a couple years ago. I have been naked in front of a number of doctors and nurses and have even had my private parts touched and examined several times by doctors both male and female and that didn't bother me. But several years ago i was in the hospital after surgery and needed to urinate. I was not yet able to get out of bed so I askedfor something to urinate in. They brought me one but didn't leave the room so there ended up being 4 female nurses standing there watching me with the gown pulled up trying to urinate into a container. I personally prefer to go to the bathroom in private and was unable to urinate while they were watching. They eventually did realize the problem and left me alone to urinate. under other circumstances I do not mind being seen naked but not while urinating. At the end of that same visit I needed help getting dressed to leave so a female nurse helped me. That was not a problem though I have not had a woman dress me since I was a child but the nurse didn't think to ask if I wanted my female cousin to leave first. My cousin eventually asked me herself and ended up leaving for me to get dressed.

charliew charliew
41-45, M
Jan 15, 2010