Breakfast Tea


I'm afraid this is the same story as I listed on my profile, apart from this one time I have rarely been caught in an embarrassing situation, even though I spend quite a lot of time naked, particularly in the summer.

I have always slept nude, and as usual, this particular morning, I got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to make some tea. This day being a Saturday I took the tea back to my bedroom and stopped by the window to see what the weather was likely to do for the day. My house, although fronting a main road, is quite private with a tall hedge screening it, so I wasn't worried about being seen except that this morning the bus company had started to use a double-decker bus on the route that run by my house. It was only when a number of passengers on the top deck were expressing obvious attention to my house that I realised what their attention was focused on. There was I, in all my glory, butt naked, drinking my tea without a care in the world. Perhaps I amused them, but I was careful in future to make sure there wasn't a high bus passing.

66and3years2perfectit 66and3years2perfectit
66-70, M
Feb 21, 2010