Caught Offguard

I was more surprised than embarassed.  A few years ago, I wanted to go hiking in the nude.  I hadn't been in a while.  It was the middle of the week and I drove two hours to a trail I knew I would have all to myself. As I pulled up to the trailhead, I saw a care with two women.  My heart just sank and I was hoping they were leaving.  But no, they headed off down the trail.  I decided I was going to hike nude any way.  I followed them down the trail at a distance. The trail is a loop.  If they went right, I would go left and ***** down.  And that's just what happened.  I went along a wooded stream.  The trail climbed on top of some hills that were covered with scruffy vegetation and no trees.  I was fall and with the bright outfits the women were wearing, I figured I would be able to see them in plenty of time to put my shorts back on.  As for me, the color of my skin allowed me to blend in with the foliage.  I got to the top of the hill and kept looking for the women.  I didn't see them.  I figured they hiked to a lookout area and must have turned around.  I kept on in the nude.  I topped a rise as I walked along the top of the hill and came face to face with them.  I was stunned, then surprised.  The reason I didn't see them was because they were hiking in the nude too.  They had the same idea I had.  They were hoping I wouldn't follow them so they could hike nude.  Like me, they figured they would spot my clothes a mile away and would be able to get dressed before an encounter.  They were as shocked as I was.  We had a good laugh and continued our separate ways.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

That is the BEST nude hiking story ever. See, more people hike nude than are willing to admit it.