It Was Just My Friend's Family

 My apartment complex had two break ins that year so everyone  was on alert.   I was showering after work when I heard something from my living room.  I thought I heard the door shut, so I ran out to catch whoever was entering my apartment.  It turns out, it was not a burgler, but my female  friend and downstairs neighbor and her two daughters.   All three women looked shocked.   But not as shocked as I was.   They come over all the time, but  this time they learned the lesson of ringing the bell.

Zenturian Zenturian
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

This weekend I was stroking on my bed just fantasizing when in walked my friend. She had her daughter with her and they just stopped in their tracks. SHe covered her daughter's eyes, but she stood there watching me. I didn't stop as I was way into it. I finished while she stood there asking me my plans for the weekend.

Not more often, but they still come over and just walk in! She only knocks at night. She has seen me naked a few times now.