I posted this on another account, but I lost it. When I was about 10 years old I went to the water park with one of my friends and her mom. The water park had one of those really tall slides that goes straight down and you kind of skid along the the water at the bottom until you stop. All three of us (me, my friend and her mom) were going to go on the slide my friends mom went down first and said that she would wait for us at the bottom, there were bleachers set up at the bottom so that people could sit there an watch others come down the slide. The bleachers were completely full. My friend told me to go first, so I did. I should probably explain that my swim trunks were not the most expensive and the best quality. I went down the slide and had a lot of fun. But when I hit the water at the bottom I hit it so fast that I felt the water tear at my suit. I did not think anything of this until I stood up, still wiping the water out of my eyes, and heard everyone laughing. I looked down and realized that the entire outside of my swim suit had been ripped off, leaving me in nothing but the see through under part of it. Absolutely nothing was left to the imagination, I might as well have been nude. I quickly covered myself, but there were so many people that had already seen me and many of the girls already had their cameras whipped out and were furiously taking pictures. I ran over to my friends mom and begged her to take me to her car. She said that she would as soon as my friend came down, she also told me not to worry, because I was a little boy and no one really cared that I was naked. I disagreed, because it seemed like every girl in the park was standing around me laughing. It took a long time for my friend to come down the slide because she was scared. When she made it to the bottom I thought she was going to die laughing. Her mom started to take us back to the car, there were so many people that saw me. I would walk by and they would point and laugh. Some of them even followed us around. I had both hands over my obvious very small penis, but everyone could see my exposed bottom. We finally made it back to the car and I covered myself with a towel. I did not bring any other clothes so I rode all the way home in basically nothing but a towel crying. I am still so embarrassed that there are people out there with pictures of me.
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