Two Hearts Beating As One

She is known to me, the one who stirs the deepest parts of my heart and soul. We are spending the day knowing we will make love that evening. I am enjoying just watching her, listening to her voice, memorizing her smile, her laugh, the way she fidgets with her hair. I wish I could pause myself and watch her without her noticing. I want to see her in her natural environment. I want to see how she interacts with both men and women. I want to capture her gaze, I want her to look into my soul and know she had consumed every part of me. I want her to know my intentions and that I am anxious yet I want her to think of our lovemaking in slow motion so she can imagine every single moment. I warm the scented oil slightly and begin to massage her body slowly and deliberately, we pause to kiss and touch each other lightly like a feather and just for seconds but enough to feel our hunger. I continue to massage her, I want to ignite every passion she has, to touch and feel and smell and let my tongue explore every erogenous zone on her body. I want her to moan and writhe and breathe eraticallly and arch her torso in contorted pleasure as I use my tongue and fingers to touch those magical places that she can't control. She grabs the back of my head and pulls me up to her waiting mouth. She is on fire and her uncontrolled passions are electhric and we can feel the current running between us, We are making love like the crescendo of a symphony orchestra building to the final ending of a masterpience. Spent we collapse in each others embrace, we lay silent until she turns and puts her arms around me and snuggles close to me. I can see that she is satisfied and I am ecstatic with joy. This was my intention, to give is to receive and when joined there is absence of thought, we are joined in every movement we are one wanting only to please the other in perfect symitry. It was perfect and now as we lay together bathed in the warmth of each others spent passions we think of nothing or no one else, we are two joined as one.
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Feb 3, 2012