I will tell you mine in hopes that you will share yours❤️
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Some spanking forplay fun..giving and getting before..the final event. A period of teasing and denial..can you handle it ?/

Full on o.r.g.y. many people moving from one naked body to another

I would love the feeling of many mouths and tongues licking and sucking me as I am sucking and licking many others.

So erotic. Very nice

To tie you down. Kiss you all over softly. To lie between your legs and kiss the inside of each knee. To kiss and lick up the inside of your thighs, slowly moving upward. When I reach the edge of your now hot and wet *****, to lick along the edges. To kiss your ***** and slide my tongue inside you. To suck softly on your ****. Hold it between my lips and slide my tongue back and forth across it. Slide a finger inside you and circle it slowly. To lick your **** in matches rhythm as I finger duck you. Then switch my fingers and tongue. Place a finger on either side of your clot and rub in a slow circle as I push my tongue inside you. When you are close to *******, I stop and make you beg for to ***. Before finishing you

But you would beg. That is what is so erotic about it. You will. We'd that release and I.
control it. And you won't get it on the first beg. My fantasy after all

Something to look forward to

Followed by a good hard *******.

Still tied down of course

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I would like a MMF *********. I will always love the female body but **** is arousing me a lot lately.