Make It Obvious, But Make It Look Like An Accident.

I will go into a pharmacy or department store, someplace that sells adult diapers. I will be wearing pants that will show through, usually blue or red trackies or shorts, sometimes sweats or jeans. I will stand in front of the adult diapers, browse, take some products off the shelf and examine them, and wet myself thoroughly while doing so. If I'm wearing shorts, I'll stand with my legs just a little apart so as to cause a spattering noise as my **** pours off my shorts onto the floor. Finally, I will take my "purchase" to an associate, preferably a cute girl, and tell her that I am very sorry, but I made a mess on the floor over by the adult diapers. Bonus points if I can utter the phrase "I peed my pants". More bonus points if she looks.

I'll then leave the item with her and tell her I'm going to try to make a discrete exit from the store.

It is such a rush.
bedsoaker bedsoaker
41-45, M
May 19, 2012