Drowned diapers.

Since I have a very troublesome incontinence that is part of my neurological disability, I flood my diapers so much that the gelpads in diapers barely have time to soak up the first flood until they are drowned a second time. I have tried to work out quite accurately that all 4 diapers with gel cushions inside will average out completely submerged about 10-20 times in a single day with just a 10-15 minute intervals. Actually, it's completely uninteresting tasks, but I like it so much to drown gel cushions so therefore I made this calculation.I do not care at all about how much fluid I drink in a day, all people needs fluid. Of course I drown my gelpads even more then, but who cares about such things, I still do not feel anything at all when gelcushions have been soaked. 

It's a blast to drown diapers and each time I drown gel pads, I feel proud and dominant. A troublesome incontinence have to be combined with something really fun too, it becomes much easier to live with incontinence then.
DiaperFetisch DiaperFetisch
1 Response May 21, 2012

I admire your positive attitude towards your disability. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, then drink it, then flood your jelly diapers :)

Thanks for your understandings and nice words.