IT Wasn't the Stork!!!

This is embarrassingly funny.In third grade my teacher asked each student to bring their favorite book from home.Everyones name would go into a would selected, that child would read their secret story to the class.Mine I chose "how babies are made" I loved the card board cut outs. I could hardly wait to say "penis" to my fellow classmates.I was asked to pick anther book with help from my parents. I did start the "you have a penis" or "you have a vagina"name calling at recess. I am sure this made my parents proud. I really did love the book. does anyone else remember this one? My brother in law is a High School Teacher, one of his classes is freshman health, to students who are developmentally slow, or have other special needs. as of 2 years ago I passed my book on to him to share with his class. IT"S A BIG HIT, with the students and the teachers. Also a life saver for my brother. 

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Apr 12, 2008