Two Childhoods

At 10, in primary school, in the days when there were men teachers, our teacher read "The Hobbit" to us on Friday afternoons. In the days before targets, outcomes and objectives when teachers were allowed to indulge their interests. I already had a love for reading, it helps in an abusive childhood, that escape, but I became inspired with reading and learning. I pestered my mum for the book and she secreted away money to buy it. It took me to the library searching out Tolkein. I had read the Lord of the Rings by 11. A lifelong love affair with great writing had begun.
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Early Childhood: The Little Fur Family, and The Steadfast Tin Soldier

The poetry of Shel Silverstein. I was in hospital a lot as a child, and his poetry always made me laugh and think.

I love the Hobbit! Although, our teacher never read it to us. The class I was in was "excelled" so we didn't get read to at all. She had us bring in favorite things and tell the class abou them. Although, I had the opportunity to spend a semester in high school at a grade school reading to first graders. It was awesome! They would argue over who could turn the pages.

Great Post. I too remember my teacher reading the Hobbit to us when I was in primary school. I loved that I could get lost in books, as my childhood was not the happiest, I am now very lucky to find myself surrounded by books everyday.

Our teacher read the Hobbit to us too! I am addicted to reading.