Sit Here For The Present

One of my favorite series of books growing up were the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary. The stories are just so vividly real and Cleary is one of the rare grown ups who truly got kids and how they thought and felt and was one of the first writers to respect their audience and not talk down to them. I am rereading the books now with my eldest daughter and am delighting that she is as taken with them as I was at her age. Tonight we read the first chapter of "Ramona the Pest" in which Ramona starts kindergarten off on the wrong foot by refusing to budge from her desk because her teacher had told her to "sit here for the present" and, darn it, she was going to wait all day if she had to so she'd get her present. It's a wonderful bit that's both funny and heart-breakingly real at the same time. As a child, I remember cringing in sympathetic embarrassment at her and as a mother I want to hug her because I can so easily see my own children making the same mistake.

There are so many other books I want to talk about because as a child I basically lived inside books.  Anastasia Krupnik, Anne of Green Gables (and everything LM Montgomery, really), The Secret Garden, the Oz books, Little Women, The Phantom Tollbooth, tons of fairy tales and volumes of poetry...but right now,  Ramona Quimby of Klickitat Street is most vivid in my mind.
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I must agree with you on this one I think I read a lot of these books in my youth especially Fudge and me it was my first read

I had mister toot :-/

I was more of an Encylopedia Brown kind of guy!