Remember Amelia Bedelia?

I remember, when I was little, anytime I would get sick, my mother would make a day out of it.
She would take me to Fort Jackson,on the army base, to get seen by the doctor. After that we
would go eat at burger king, this is when they made their own pizzas. Yum! Then we would go to the local library. That is where I feel in love with books and libraries. One of my fave books was Amelia Bedelia, that character has begun to remind me of a lot of people I have worked with over the years. You give them specific instructions and they screw it up.
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What a lovely memory...
I remember that book and loved Amelia! Dust the furniture, draw the curtains...

Tossed the salad, did you? Also a favorite for my children, growing up, and a blessing to me both when people misread or ignore my instructions and when I forge ahead without stopping to ask for an explanation.