Ah, Ramona...

  From about grade two, I LOVED the Ramona series of novels by Beverly Cleary. I'm not sure when they were published, seems to me they're a bit old; nevertheless, there was something so spunkishly real about that kid, I read the stories about her over and over again. The other Cleareys like The Mouse and the Motorcycle were great too. 

  Thinking of what a manic little reader I was, the other story I simply have to mention is Matilda. I mean, Roald Dahl. How much is there to explain? And of his books, even if many of them were rather... how to put it... "out there", at least Matilda sort of made sense. I mean, the no-floating-peaches-or-talking-foxes kind of sense.

   After about grade five, however, things went downhill. (For nostalgia's sake, I admit to being just a bit sorry that I didn't keep a single Babysitter's Club. Sigh...)

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