'Inconceivable' by Ben Elton is one of my favourite books. It is a sensitive and intelligent read and I really love his humour. If you don't like reading (which is really sad) there is a film out of this book, it's called Maybe Baby and stars Jolie Richardson and Hugh Laurie.

I have a shelf which is almost entirely devoted to Ben Elton's books. I also like 'Dead Famous' although if you are a fan of Big Brother, don't read this! Ben Elton's books are very obviously politically slanted towards the left so if you would like to see the BNP elected or have tea with Mrs Thatcher, probably be wise to give them a wide berth.

I also like Sophie Kinsella's series of books 'Shopaholic' probably better for woman because they are girly and strangely enough, based around shopping, but very funny.


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I wouldn't mind going to the cinema to see the film although after reading the books, Isla Fisher doesn't seem how I would picture the character Becky Bloomwood, I think a more Bridgit Jones type would have been better.

thanks for the tip.....I'll get hold of 'shopaholic'