Fun On the Farm

I grew up on a farm so a lot of the time I had to entertain myself. My parents weren't into buying me lots of toys, so I often had to make my own fun. Sometimes I engaged in rather bizarre activities from making rafts to float on the dam (they often sunk mind you) to constructing steam powered machinery with old barrels and hoses. All this was very fun and helped fuel my imagination, but my most favourite project by far was converting a large ant nest into a palace. It was incredibly engaging, despite receiving many bites during its construction. It had a draw bridge, a shopping mall, and even an airport which transported ants from one nest to another. I think my parents were just pleased I wasn't bored as a child, at least until I decided to create a white ant palace relatively close to the house. I think my parents than thought it was time to invest in some lego. When they brought that home one night, it was like I had discovered a new love.

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2 Responses Apr 24, 2008

Raised on a farm too. We don't have any ant nests that big here though. But I did the creek things

lol i love your life,