guess maybe its not really a toy but i drew and colored all of the time.  if i wasn't doing that i was usually pretending something or playing with imaginary friends. or i would take stuff apart and more or less play with junk.  i was always drawing.  loved my crayons.  actually i still color with crayons.  oh and i still blow bubbles.  bubbles bubbles bubbles.  always loved bubbles.

a lot of the toys i love i played with when i got older not when i was a kid.  toys like my trusty etch-a-sketch, slinky and silly putty.  guess i'll never totally grow up... ;)


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thats ok- we all have our days!

thats ok- we all have our days!

My bicycle was my favorite for many years. It could be a rocket ship, a race car, a powerful stallion -- whatever I wanted it to be. I spent hours riding up and down the same three blocks over and over again, but it never got boring. It got me out in the sunshine, exercising and using my imagination. A great thing. (It's name was Tecumseh.)