I Got Jacked For Being Caught Using This One:p

My favorite abusive word is "chootiya" in hindi which means 'f****r'

The traffic here in india is a pain in the ***!!

Before i tell you why I used it, its important for you to know that my dad treats his cars like his children! its would be an understatement if i say he's spent more on the cars than any of his 'real' children!lol...so befor i was given one of his cars, i was given repeated warnings that if "anythin" happened to "any" of the cars, i'll just have to forget about the "existance" of such things in my house-as said by my father.One day, it so happened that i was driving with my dad next to me(i was super cautious)and this random driver almost crashes with my car. Thanks to my reflexes, i hit the breaks on time. And i burst out "chootiya saala!baap ka roag hai kya?!"(a typical line heard on the roads of india) which means something like" ****** idiot!do you think this road belongs to your dad?!". Yeah and then i realised my dad was right next to me! Dint dare to even look at him after that! Man!

The thing is, its not jus me. Traffic is usually the one thing that tends to **** people off in India. You'd know that if you ever travel in one of the buses. We seldom come across drivers who are remotely close to the word "nice". The buses are always so crowded that they never stop where the bus stop is. they stop like half a kilometre away from where its supposed to be stopped so that more passengers dont get in, much to the irritation of the passengers who are already in the bus. The driver and the passengers usually get into arguements which often turn into ugly verbal wars. So i guess they have thier contribution to my dictionary too:P





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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

umm, its 'chootiya saala!baap ka roaD hai kya'..my bad!<br />
lol..and why would i get offended?!<br />
yeah its 'namastey':)