Favourite Drink

My favourite drink is a good South African red wine like Pinotage, Shiraz or Merlot. My second favourite is a Smurfie ( a double Smirnof vodka over crushed ice in a tall glass filled with red grape juice). My favourite soft drink is Coke Zero.
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Coke zero is also my favourite soft drink

Well, the taste of wine is carrying the taste of the ground, and the heart of the winemaker (also its expertise). Although my country is have a few famous wine, there is nothing about to taste other regions product, especially if its good ones.

Wow, I haven't heard that word for ages. I think I last heard it when I was in the army.

I too like SA wine having lived there for many years. I'm afraid my tastes aren't sophisticated. I used to love a sweet red in a box, I can't remember it's name, but my wife, a "Connoisure" called it "Doos Wyn".