It's Not In America

When we were in France this summer, we were at the end of our money (expensive country!!) and wanted to have some food when we left the beach.  Nothing but seaside (fancy) restaurants were around, so we drove a bit, and found a mall with a thing that looked like a more colorful McDonald's complete with their own strange, cartoonish mascots and toys.  Like McDonald's it was heavy on red and orange, and definitely made for kids.  It is called "Quick."  We ordered our food, and waited until it was ready, (the normal 2 minutes or so)...we sat down and ate, and it was really delicious!  Now, I don't know if it is because McDonald's is so very bad, but this stuff was way above average for our idea of fast food.  We so enjoyed it that we inquired as to what countries had "Quick."  Apparently there are a few in Canada.  That's closer to us than France!  I wish we had one here, though.  :)
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Dec 21, 2007