St. Trinians

One of my favourite Movies.
All the girls are in a classroom and Flash is explaining ways to get the $500,000 they need. Andrea raises her hand.
Flash: Yes?
Andrea: We get a rich man's wife
F: Now we're talkin
A: cut off her ear, and send it to him...special delivery and then we just...keep chopping...bits of her of until he pays the ransom.
F: Now that, that, you shouldnt be laughing at that, that is too medieval, you should go see a councellor, dont leave her alone!

Later on in that scene.

Kelly: What about that? *she points to a picture of the girl with the pearl earring*
Chelsea, Peaches and another girl (cant remember her name): OH MY GOD
Chelsea: You want to STEAL Scarlett Johanson
Kelly: You are SO Blonde Chelsea

It's WAY better if u watch the movie but to Me it's REALLY funny :P
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Jaws : ' we need a biggar boat ' also uttered by Jn2 on a recent fishing trip off cape cod ............<br />
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Thanks for sharing ......