Pineapple Express

I have a ton of favorite movie quotes and will probably most more stories with them in it. For right now though my favorite I can't get out of my head is from the movie "Pineapple Express". The part where he says what'd you do? You ate a box of nerds out of a butt hole. It's his face when he says it too that cracks me up. Check out the short clip and you'll see what I mean.
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Best movie line ever. Rivers edge. Keanu reeves. " food eater! Mother ******!"

I love Keanu Reeves! I haven't seen that movie. I will add it to my list

Scarface anyone?
That movie has more memorable movie quotes in one film that 100 films combined.

Can you believe I've never seen that all the way through.

Ok were do you live because I'm sending you the full dvd with extras right now........

Lol, I know it's crazy right

Ummmm YEA. ;)
It's the same as asking a well educated American who our 1st President was and not knowing the answer.
Well, wait bad example...........LMAO

It gets worse. I've never watched The Godfather movies either

Your lack of classical gangster movie watching is causing shooting pains up and down my left arm.
Can you call someone for me please?
Oh my.

Lol I know I need to get busy watching them. I have seen Goodfellas. Does that get me any points?

Yes but only partially.
On who's life was this movie based on??

One character I remember is Two-Gun Tommy. I remember because I'm KC, MO too.

Partial points.
I'm literally sad right now. :(

And I think Al Capone. Does that make it any better?

Al Capone portrayed in Goodfellas???
Ok I'm jumping off the roof of my building.
The end !!!!!!!!!!!

Lmao! I'm sorry, it's been awhile and my gangster movies are blurring together

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Onewingedangel... yes that is one of my favorites too!<br />
<br />
Lildevil79, I haven't seen that movie before, but it does sound like a funny part.<br />
<br />
Thank you both for your comments. = )

I like the line from harry potter and the chamber of secrets where he is in dumbeldors office and faux the phinox is reborn from the ashes and harry says... He just caught fire... I love that line.

lol thats a very funny scene, I like the scene when dale is visiting his girlfriends parents at dinner...funny when the dad says "you better come clean now or i'll take you outside and F*** you in the street!!!..Dale"NO DONT F*** US ANYWHERE!!