Coming to America

From one of my most favorite movies, Coming to America:

"Joe Lewis always lied about his age.  He lied about his age all the time.  One time Frank Sinatra came inside here and sat down in this chair.  And I said, 'Frank you hang out with Joe Lewis.  Just between me and you, how old is Joe Lewis?'  You know what Frank told me?  He said, 'Hey.  Joe Lewis 137 years old.'  A hundred thirty-seven years old!" - Clarence

This is from the scene when Akeem and Semmi go to the Barbershop so Akeem can get a haircut.  It's my favorite scene in the movie

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I loved that part... I haven't seen that movie in ages... I used to have it on tape.

LOL that part is so funny!..Sexual Chocolate ;)

I love the scene where there's the three of them at that revival I think it was and Arsenio Hall puts the chicken bone in the collection plate, and they started arguing. I'm laughing right now as I think of that part.

For a while I had the Soul Glo song as my ringtone lol

haha aww man, you're right =D

"If a man wants to call himself Mujchjchjchammed Ali, then damnit I will call him Mujchjchjchammed Ali!"<br />
"His mamma call him Clay, so I'm-a call him Clay"<br />
<br />
Also: "Your royal penis is clean" is probably the single most excellent line in the whole movie.<br />
<br />
:-D Love it!

hahaha this movie is so great

LOL!! It's my favorite movie!