My Favorite Album Of All Time! City Of Evil By Avenged Sevenfold (detailed Review)

I just wanna say that I bought this album a while back, haven't stopped listening to it since.
The album consists of shredding awesome vocals (done by M.Shadows), with amazing guitar work (done by Synester Gates), unbelievable drum tabs (Done by the Rev, who unfortunately passed away =[ R.I.P.) And to top it off the base and secondary guitar are pulled off amazingly by Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ. 

(Ignore my age on my profile, im actually 15 ^_^)

Let me start a break down on each of the songs.

1. Beast and the Harlot:
The albums opening song is nearly 6 minutes long, and not one minute of it is boring, it starts off with a beastly like scream combined with incredible drum work with instrumentals in the background, then followed by an intense drum breakdown with shredding guitar. The song continues with some powerful vocals and great guitar with a solo in between, then near the end, the song goes into an extremely fast drum breakdown and really shows what Avenged Sevenfold can do. The song finishes with a slightly more upbeat version of the chorus.
rating: 9.1/10

2. Burn It Down:
Pretty intense song, it mostly focuses on the synchronization of the fast guitar combined with the ridiculously fast drum work.
Rating: 8.7/10

3. Blinded In Chains:
Not really my favorite song on the album, totally in at almost seven minutes, I feel a lot more could have been done with this song, in paticular I noticed that the guitar work was not up to par with other A7X songs. However the last minute and a half of the song has a dark feel created by the way Synester shredded the guitar and how M. Shadows pitched his voice to fit the theme. I think the last part of the song just completely saves it from being generic.
Rating: 7.4/10

4. Bat Country: 
One of the best songs on the album, with its length being just over 5 minutes, this song doesn't waste its time establishing its intensity. M. Shadows vocals are what really makes this song amazing, and It isn't just an intense song, in the middle and for the last minute and a half of the song, M. shadows changes his voice to a more soothing melodic tone and the instruments switch to acoustic accompanied by the whole band pitching in. The drum work is one of the best that I have ever heard, the Rev worked those drumsticks truly like a bat out of hell. 
Rating: 9.2/10

5. Trashed and Scattered:
Another great song, I feel though like Blinded In Chains, more could have been done with this song, however M. Shadows amazing vocal talent is what pulled this song through, his voice creates a feeling of truly being "Trashed and Scattered".
Rating: 7.7/10

6. Seize the Day: 
This song is one of my favorites because of its extreme originality and its atmosphere. The atmosphere created by M. Shadows lyrics, the soft violin, the acoustic guitar and the soft drumming really prove to be quite an experience. But what really sets this song apart is the two guitar solos performed by Synester Gates, his guitar work on the first solo make the atmosphere of the song almost eerie but to me it really makes you feel if you were listening to the lyrics while listening to the song. I highly recommend listening to this song on this album.
Rating: 9.4/10

7. Sidewinder:
M. Shadows uses a sense of romanticism on this song which is what makes it amazing, you can either interpret him as being a snake after his prey, or you can interpret it as for example, a deadly addiction that you cant seem to let go of. Combined with some great guitar riffs and base work, this song is one of the best on the album.
Rating: 8.9/10

8. The Wicked End:
All I can say about this song is, picture the song Bat County, but with even more shredding vocals, unbelievable drum work and amazing guitar, secondary guitar and base work. In my opinion this is probably the best song on the entire album. The song immediately starts off with the Rev doing a drum breakdown which I thought wasn't even physically possible when I listened to it a couple of times, while in the background of this breakdown Synester does a signature guitar slidedown. About 4 or 5 minutes into the song, the intensity fades and the acoustic guitar starts coming on along with an amazing vocal chorus in the background, in this part the instrumentals kick in, and it gives it an apocalyptic feeling, the instrumental orchestration was better than some of the bands that I have seen who specialize only ON orchestration, then when M. Shadows vocals come in, it takes it up to a whole new level, the song then ends with some intense drumming. All I can say is, listen to this song, it has a completely different feel from the other songs of A7X.
Rating: 9.7/10

9. Strength of the World: 
Clocking in at over 9 minutes, I would have expected this song to be even more amazing than The Wicked End, sadly though I was mistaken, It is a very good song, but like with Blinded in Chains and Trashed and Scattered I felt a LOT more could have been done with this song, noting as well that in this song the guitar work was not up to the standards of Synester, however I feel that they did put their heart into this song. Along with this, the lyrics are not like A7X's other songs, they convey a more positive message telling you to be strong. It's a good song to listen to if you are feeling down.
Rating: 8.0/10

10. Betrayed:
This song relies on one person, M. Shadows, his vocal harmony with the instruments is better than any of the other songs on this album. Also the lyrics are like a story, they run through an actual story of betrayal not just a repeating chorus like a lot of other bands do. The drum and guitar work on this song is also pretty solid.
Rating: 8.4/10

11. M.I.A.:
At nearly 9 minutes, this song was similar to the style of betrayed, however its soft opening and guitar do not match up to the latter. This song has some good riffs and drum work but unfortunately it needs work in my opinion, also M.Shadows lyrics were not up to par, I think that the album should have closed with a different song. 
Rating: 7.1/10

I hope you enjoyed my review ^_^
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yaa, Ive been listening to nightmare and all the songs on it non<x>stop, its an amazing album :D

I think 'Nightmare' puts up competition now ;)