My Hedonistic Sandwich

      When I was a person in my 20's a took a job in a local Deli in my town over the summer. There I learned to make all kinds of sandwiches and I was introduced to the sandwich that I now know as my favorite. This sandwich is a taste of pure gustatory hedonism. This is what it consists of. It is on a French roll or Whole Grain bread then mayonaise with a little dijon mustard then 4 layers of the finested Turkey layered on then 4 rashers of bacon then a whole half avocado mashed on top. Then if you want the extras: tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts and pickles. This equals for me what amounts to an ****** for the taste buds.


Gotmusicinme Gotmusicinme
36-40, F
1 Response Jan 25, 2010

woah, not a whole half avacado!