Raise The Dead

I wish I could find the lyrics to this song for you... I love this video of his too, the way they shot it, the background, and especially, the dirty dusty old piano. I am really feeling all of his songs so far, the lyrics are wonderful and touch my very core...

I wish I could raise the dead...
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3 Responses Oct 23, 2010

I dont know if you will like it but Beck and Bat for Lashes - Lets get lost, i absolutely love it and i have no clue why i just do:)

I am glad you do fluttermouse, I just discovered it myself along with The Heart Won't Be Denied, love them both and both are from Colin Devlon...<br />
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Thank you GirlMcGirly, I really appreciate that...

Never heard this song until now, i love it:)