My Precious Privacy ...

I love being alone but not lonely ! I love talking to myself, singing, having my own spa in the bathroom, taking such a long shower !, do beauty things (facial mask, hair treatment, nails, etc) &  one more thing I love EP :) EP is like a private world which connects me to others who share me similar things :) That's so wonderful, What about you ? ^- ~ (I'm just curious to know) ":D" ...

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

You're right .. Thats why we are friends :)

^ ^ ~<br />
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Me too :)

wow !<br />
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I m with u GA :) I love to sing but I cant play guitar :(<br />
It's hurt at the beginning ,<br />
<br />

I love putting on music - I couldn't live without my music! Then sometimes I find a song I want to sing so I will try to learn it on my guitar, sit there and try to sing along and play the chords.<br />
EP is great because I can try out an identity I might be too scared of trying out in the real world. If I like it, I can bring it into the real world, if I don't, I can leave it behind!<br />