Good Old Towlie =)

I love the episode where they are trying to replace kenny as a friend (the one with Professor Chaos), and they are talking about Towlie

Kyle says"Towelie is a tough choice because, even though I can see how always having a towel around can come in handy, he's just always so high"


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CARTMAN : Towelie, you are the worst character ever. TOWELIE : Yeah i know.

Towelie: Don't forget to bring a towel... you wanna get high? <br />
<br />
Towelie: You wanna get high! <br />
Towelie: Well, I'm gonna get a little high. <br />
<br />
Kyle: [everyone's driving around] How long have you been gone for Towelie? <br />
Towelie: I've been wondering around for the past couple of weeks. You know helping people out with towel safety and proper towel use. It's important. <br />
Eric Cartman: No it isn't. <br />
Towelie: Is. <br />
Eric Cartman: No it isn't. <br />
Towelie: Is. <br />
Towelie: Wait turn down here. It's down this dirt road. <br />
Stan: [Kenny turns car to dirt road] Break Kenny. Break Kenny. <br />
Towelie: Or maybe it was down that dirt road. <br />
Stan: Oh dude, can't you remember where it was. <br />
Towelie: I don't remember at all. Wait a minute. Let me get high, then I'll know where it is. <br />
[Towelie smokes the pot and get really high] <br />
Stan: Alright, so where is it? <br />
Towelie: [Towelie talks slowly and is very sluggish] Where's what? <br />
Kyle: [the boys scream] The base where you're from and where our O-Comma Game Sphere is. <br />
Stan: Alright that does it, break angrily Kenny. <br />
[Kenny breaks the car fast] <br />
Stan: Alright Towelie, we've just had it with you. <br />
Towelie: Now just come down. <br />
Kyle: Give me that. You're not getting high again until you tell us where it is. <br />
Towelie: That's my last J a******. <br />
Towelie: I can't care. You better know where your base is. <br />
Towelie: Oh man, why everyone riding me today. God damn it. <br />
<br /> gotta love Towelie...