My Favorite Spooky Tunes

Fright Night by J. Giels Band.
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) - David Bowie.
Jaws theme.
Theme from Poultergiest.
Once Bitten (title theme).
One Winged Angel (from Final Fantasy 7)
Once Bitten by 3-Speed.
Gremlins theme.
Imperial March (Star Wars).
Edward Scissorhands theme by Danny Elfman.
Halloween theme.
Beetlejuice theme by Danny Elfman.
Beetlejuice cartoon theme.
Funeral March For A Marionette.
Psycho theme.
Beetlejuice cartoon theme version 2.
Nightmare On Elm Street theme.
Imperial March by Metalica.
Come To Me (Instrumental) by Brad Fiedel.
Come To Me (Vocal) by Brad Fiedel.

Bonus tracks on the list:

Welcome To My Nightmare, Devil's Food, Poison, Wind Up Toy, and Black Widow all by Alice Cooper.
Call Me When You're Sober, Haunted, Bring Me To Life, Whisper, My Immortal, Everybody's Fool all by Evanesence.
Iron Man by Black Sabbath.
The Monster Is Loose by Meatloaf.
Undertaker, Goldust (wwe wrestling themes)
Toxic Love by Tim Curry.
Can't Fight the Moonlight (Okay..i'm cheating here since it's about romance, but with a title like this - I can't help but think of werewolves).
Are You Afraid of The Dark tv theme.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel theme
Phantom of the Opera
Vampires by the Pet Shop Boys
Full Moon by Elvira
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Nov 28, 2012