I Have So Many Missed Opportunities

and I regret them all.  I can't choose the "greatest" of them all.

If I had to pick something that I regret and alters my life, it would be that I silently allow myself to go on the same paths that make me wish for an end yet I do nothing to change this.

My laziness and fears are in control and so, I am out of control.

So I guess I regret most being out of control of my own life.

sleeplessinflorida sleeplessinflorida 51-55, M 3 Responses May 18, 2010

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As a follow up - you said that you regret having let your life, in essence, drift along. In having taken this kind of route in life, you have reached a point in your life that you now KNOW that you want something different. You are challenging yourself, right this moment in time, to define WHO you want to be.

Had you "taken control" of your life earlier, can you say that you would have reached this conclusion earlier in life? To this degree?

I would say that merely by recognizing that you have been drifting down the river of live without a paddle, you are now saying that you want to grab the paddle and direct it yourself. You are sitting here with the power to control your life, sitting right in front of you.

Just focus on WHAT it is you want and, more importantly WHO do you want to become? We can't change what has been done, we can merely take those lessons and run forwards with them. The past no longer exists except in our memories, invisible chains which only exist so long as we allow them to exist. Regret has been your own personal warning system telling you that you want to become someone else. So....who do you want to become.

Now become it. You have the power to.....simply because you recognize what it is you need to do.

In response to even the idea of "regrets."

I have looked back at my life and realized that there were many moments, missed opportunities, "lefts" rather than "rights" that I wish i could have taken. One of the biggest being that I had wished I had accepted myself a lot sooner than I have. But yet at the same time it was the fact that I HAD "missed" these opportunities which have allowed me to learn everything that I have and grown into the person I am.

I don't view this life as our only life, I feel very strongly that the lessons we learn in this life are the lessons we are not required to learn in the next. Whether an individual sees through this kind of lens or not:

at the end of the day, can you honestly say that you would have been a better person as a result of having not "missed" that opportunity. In my own life, if I had accepted myself a lot sooner, i would not have had to go through the intense internal dialogue, self loathing, any of a vast variety of experiences, which have allowed me to become far more open minded than i would have ever been had I accepted myself right off the bat. Hell - I might not have even been capable (seeing as I hadn't accepted myself then.)

I know that if I had grown up straight, for example, I would in no way share the love I do for so much of the world as I do now. I would not have been forced to confront the issue of acceptance, or loving one another despite their differences, in any way like I have now.

Though i have "missed out" on many opportunities that I feel would have, at the time, brought me the positivity that I WANTED - I don't feel that I would have learned what I NEEDED to learn. In my eyes, I see the lessons learned now as being lessons I won't have to repeat in the next life - perhaps then I can have the life that I wanted...because at that time it will be the life I need.

Hope I helped.

I am with you on this!...they say you regret the opportunity's you didn't take rather then the failed ones you did, and thats so true!