Well it seems trivial compared to many of the stories i've seen in this group but i would say my greatest regret would be not applying myself and getting a college degree. I have a good paying job but i am never home, have lost contact with most of my friends and family all because the only decent paying job i am qualified to do is drive a truck. If i had applied myself in college and gotten a degree i could potentially be doing something which would not take me away from those i love. This job cost me so much.
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I would try to invest in another job, one that is nearby the people you love. They say you can't expect a change if you do not try to do something different. :) There has to be something out there for you to do.

Rick I understand what you are saying, so let me ask this question would you be able to take online classes ? I know my brother used to study when he had to stop to fill out his log book or lay over to be unloaded and this was before wifi and online courses. Perhaps you can remedy your regret that way. Otherwise I would say just stay in touch with family and friends thru an email or phone call I know I know it's not the same but it lets others know you are thinking of them. I think if you just make a small list of those you really want to see or stay in contact with and set yourself a schedule ie, clling 2 buds this week and pick those two off your list write the date down so you will know how often you talk before you know it they will be calling you and making the road less lonely for you and you may even get a few more invitations for when you are home. Good luck God Bless

I have considered and even looked into the idea of online courses and from what i can figure out there are times when you must be online live and i cannot always be sure to A. have the time to stop and B. have a signal on my wifi. My wifi seems to be getting more and more iffy on whether i have a signal which makes no sense to me since we are supposedly becoming a more technological society LOL I do try to call friends but they are all busy with their own lives and sometimes it seems that i am interrupting them and keeping them from living their lives.

Maybe not but at least i would still have most of my real life friends, i would still know most of my family and i think i would be a much happier person