My Greatest Regret

Thirty years ago I was going through a very very difficult divorce from a controlling
abusive man. We fought over everything but especially the daughter we had together
so custody issues ensued. Long story short he placed a gun at my head one night and 
told me to sign over  custody. I begged and finally he agreed to wait until morning
I placed the call to him that he could come get our daughter but I also wanted him
to take my other daughter from previous relationship so that they could be together.
This was done. 
Why did I do this???   1.He threatened to kill all of us. 2. He had a wonderful support
system within his family. 3. He had never in any way harmed the girls. 4. I was tired ,
weary of the fight . 

I had no support system, no family around I came from very dysfunctional family but
these are just excuses and I take responsibility for ruining my daughters lives and
destroying any mother daughter relationship to this day.

This, This is my greatest inability to be a decent mother.
LenCarver LenCarver
56-60, F
4 Responses Feb 25, 2012

I hope this man has changed and realized what he has truly done. It would be a shame if he did not.

yes it's neva to late!!!!!!! just go and take your daughter back from him!!!!!

TY beyourself, I do try believe me my daughters and grandsons are the most important people of my life along with my husband. It is unfortunate but I have one daughter (the youngest) that truly hates me and one that is always striving to please. So it has been tumultous at best. I lost my oldest daughter a year ago this month and we couldn't come together to support one another no matter how hard I tried but they at least have helped and are helping one another. All I can do is pray.

It's never to late to try.