I Think It's You, Tori.

I don't know what we had, but it was both screwed up and wonderful at the same time. Maybe I regret not telling you how I felt sooner. Maybe I regret ever falling for you. Or maybe... I don't regret it. You gave me something no one else could ever had given me, or so I feel. You gave me hope! Hope that I finally found someone in my life who could make me happy, someone who knows me, someone who understands me... someone who accepted me for who I was and didn't ridicule or try to hurt me, even jokingly. You are still the greatest girl I have ever known up to now. You're with someone now. You're happy... Good for you. If I could ever find someone better than you it'd be a miracle! I'm praying for that miracle every day!! I'm tired of waiting! But what can I do?! No one's going to accept me until they get to know me first. I'm damaged! My sweet friend, you are my greatest regret, and my greatest... Well whatever you were you we're amazing to me!!! If I could somehow change time and space just to put us together, I would! :,( I don't want to say goodbye...........
UnderstandsNothing UnderstandsNothing
18-21, M
Nov 14, 2012