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My greatest regret is not pursing my original career in landscape photography when I went to college. My peers and relatives told me to choose something practical. Really at the time I didn't want to go to college and I wish I just worked for a while and went later. I could've researched what I needed to follow my passion, THEN take the best classes for it. I could've worked for Nat'l Geographic. Maybe done an internship. I could've afforded to have an unpaid job then. Forget it now. Its too late now. I'm too old, I don't have the flexibility and energy I had then. If I had pursued it then, I could've had several years experience by now and been successful at something worthwhile. Now I'm just a failure. I'm still an artist that has never done anything worthwhile and no matter how hard I have worked at those practical jobs, no one has ever noticed my effort.

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This actually hit me close to home. I have the most awesome dad in the world. He was going to college but because I and my sister were born, he had no time to finish it. At first he was at this cool job that took care of us, but after he got laid off, his financial life was never the same. He lingered from job to job until he found one he settled with for now almost 7 years and he hates it with a passion. My dad is very serious about me and my sister staying in college to the last bit and it breaks my heart that my dad is struggling becuase that has to be hard for a man, to think that he can't provide 'appropriately' when actuality he is. A career does not make him a man.<br />
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Do I see him as a failure? Nope, becuase even though he wished he finished college, he is still being brave and strong and going to a job he hates just to put food on the table and keeping the lights on. You are not a failure just becuase you did not pursue something you really wanted. You would not be a winner either if you did succeed. But you can't complain if you are not willing to do anything about. My dad loves to take pictures and creates music. And even if he can't be professional about it, he still does it as a hobby. He takes pictures for weddings, baby showers and other things. He and Michael Jackson were born form the same area and he joked saying that had he had a little exposure like Michael, He would have been in the music industry as well. Sometimes things get in the way and hinder our plans but we have to try to work around them.<br />
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My dad is always going to be a hero in my eyes. He may not have been able to give me a lot of material stuff, but just being a father was more than enough. Don't worry, people are in worse cases than you are :)

That kind of advice isn't helpful FashionQueen86. People worse off than me isn't an incentive. Telling me I haven't struggled enough also isn't an incentive. You don't know what I have gone through in my life &amp; why I'm no longer able to pursue this profession.

You should let your father know how you feel. Its always nice to be appreciated, especially by someone in your family.

I was only trying to explain that just becuase you did not follow your drams, does not make you a failure. I was not trying to say that you have to suffer more to make you a failure.

Oh, I see.

As we go through life most of the people we hang out with as well as family members will always be telling you why they thank you can not accomplish something, most are negitive without even realising it. Just because you did not do what you wanted back then does not mean you can not do it now. CHANGE YOUR THINKING, That is most peoples biggest problem, their mindset. Start where you are at now, with what you got, And JUST DO IT---NOW. Iam 56 and work as a Musician & a Builder, started both when I was in the 8th grade of school and still doing it today and will continue till my last day on earth whenever that may be. As one ages we have to keep ourself in good shape, spiritually, mentally, and physically, and be flexable in how we chose tour get things accomplished.

Its not my mind, its my body. I don't have the stamina like I did in my 20's. I'm in daily chronic pain. Plus internships are unpaid jobs. Unless you're independently wealthy or young, that's a hard way to live. Again, I now don't have the stamina for that lifestyle. See you started your passion when you were young, now you have several years of experience in a passionate field. Congratulations!

Yes Smugit I do that, for myself, well that is when I could afford it. Right, for now it would just have to only be for me. Awww, thanks for your hugs and treats. They always make me feel better!

maybe follow your passion in a form of the beauty of nature for yourself and post it in a blog or here or have a show just to get out there and do something your love if you feel it not as a career. My biggest regret not enough hugs or treats in the world for me to give to everyone that needs them.

No that's not what I mean in this story QuinS. I regret not pursuing it in the first place. Now it would be such an uphill climb. I don't know if I have the strength.

This is the internet, 4vr. Take pictures you are proud of, and make others look at them. You are not too old, I promise that the camera can't tell when you are behind the viewfinder.

Thank you destiney24 for your support and being such a great friend :~)

Thank you ilovemylife for the support. I know I don't have the flexibility and stamina to do the kind of landscape photography where I would get paid. I still do it for fun. I don't know how to create a better future for myself right now. Though I do appreciate your optimism.